Learn Wing Chun in London

Wing Chun is a genius system of learning designed to teach you how to use and move your body to fight with ferocious speed and power and defend yourself on the streets should the need arise. It specialises in the close quarter fighting range, which is the place where the most damage is done and the most time is spent in a violent physical confrontation. Outside of sport fighting this is the common range of all street fights and self defence situations so Wing Chun is ideal for real life application.

Wing Chun is an ancient Chinese Martial Art and as such we take a holistic approach to our training and development. Because of its nature as a system of Chinese Kung Fu, the reach of Wing Chun is deep and affecting. You cannot simply do Wing Chun by watching and copying. Your body must change, your flexibility increase, your suppleness enhance, and your mind must calm and focus. These are the essential aspects of the training. Each student starts from where they are, the path toward skill is the same for all. Wing Chun has the capacity to enhance your life experience as the quality of your day to day living increases while your body and mind develop through the training.

We teach the full system of Wing Chun. You’ll learn how to effectively deal with genuine pressure, absorb and move with it and hit back with knock out power at close range. Strikes, kicks and take downs, as well as defending against all these types of attacks are staple parts of our system, as are the forms of Wing Chun. It has three empty hand forms, the wooden dummy form and two weapons forms. You’ll first learn the pattern of the forms and gradually, as your training deepens, you’ll grow a complete understanding of the theory and application presented in each one as well as developing a working, practical understanding of the hidden power placed inside of all the Wing Chun forms.

Our Wing Chun is for combat and practical self defence and for continuous growth. The name Wing Chun means “Beautiful Spring Time” and for us this is the true essence of the system, one that is in constant growth and evolution. Our classes are in central London and Brixton, South London. Our school prides itself on offering high quality Wing Chun taught in a supportive and hard working environment. Our aim; to help turn you into a proficient Wing Chun fighter, as you become a healthier, happier, more content version of yourself.

If you’d like to try Wing Chun please get in touch now via the contacts page.

Wing Chun is a contact martial art but is also famous for its solo training skills. Please see this video for how we practice our solo training and move our bodies in our Wing Chun.