At London Ip Man Wing Chun we believe that Wing Chun should be available to anyone regardless of their financial situation so if you are low waged / unemployed / unsupported student and you feel our fees are prohibitive but are still keen to learn Wing Chun with us then please contact us about this and we can work out a special rate until your circumstances change.

However, outside of our philosophy on fees outlined above,  we do not offer a “free first lesson” or “special prices” to entice students in. We want you to train with us because a) you’re excited about Wing Chun and b) you have researched Wing Chun schools in London and are drawn to us for your own good reasons. Our prices are as follows:


New students are asked to take a block of three classes, £50, before signing up to the school if they wish to continue.


Once a week training is £55 per month. 
Access one Wing Chun class per week at either location.
Twice a week training, £75 a month.
Twice a week training also gives access to our 6.15pm to 7.30pm Pad work and cardio class, building your total class time up to six hours per week each term.
Full Package, twice a week training and weekend sessions £105
This includes everything in the twice a week package plus 10 x four hour Saturday sessions a year.
For those who do not want to commit to two sessions every week but want to attend an extra class in the week on a “pay as you go” basis the price is £20 per each extra class and £10 for the pad work session. Saturday sessions are £45 pay as you go. 
The monthly fee is paid every month of the year including around the winter break at Christmas and the summer break through August.
Members also pay an annual membership fee of £100. This pays for:
  • Yearly club membership
  • Yearly insurance
  • First club t-shirt / discount rates for further uniform purchases 
  • Access to discounted private tuition
The membership fee also gives students access to “paid for” full day training sessions, which are held on Saturdays through the year and any other seminars or events, which are “paid for” or free that the school arranges to attend, participate in or hold through the year.