Qi Gong

Thanks for your interest in our Qi Gong classes. Please have a read of the material below and if you’d like to sign up to our next course then drop us a line to book your place. 

Qi Gong Practice – Jaemie Gallie


Qi Gong is an ancient Daoist practice of self-cultivation and transformation. It is an internal art that works with the body, mind and spirit. On the simplest level it works to release tension in the body and the mind, bringing you into balance and allowing you to work directly with what we refer to as the energy of the body or Qi. 

At our school we offer a clear, structured pathway towards Qi Gong, which means “mastery of energy.” It is part of a deeper process known as Nei Gong (internal skill) and has the capacity to be a very powerful vehicle for self-transformation. We follow the syllabus of Lotus Nei Gong International, run by Damo Mitchell and renowned for its authentic and detailed transmission of these ancient arts. 

Through our training we use very specific methods to start to release the bound up tension in our body and minds. These tensions are forms of stagnation and blockages, which have become part of the daily habits in the way we move and think. They can manifest in the way we respond to different forms of stress or workplace pressures and in the way we interact and respond to social settings with family, friends, colleagues or strangers. In our bodies, blockages can have physical outcomes as simple as being unable to stand up straight without a slouch or having shoulders so tight you can never feel comfortable or hips so closed you find it hard to squat down. All these blockages and areas of stagnation are acquired, gathered through a lifetime of dealing with your existence. But, there is a time when we start to want and look for change and in Qi Gong that change comes through release.  

The work is done through a mixture of static standing postures and movement exercises. Some of these can be amazingly pleasant and, at times, some can be massively gruelling. As we release we begin to unbind and let go. The body grows stronger, begins to ground and connect. As your body changes your mind evolves and develops a new and skilful way of interacting with the body. It begins to settle, becomes quiet and stabilises in the physical form, allowing it to tune into the energy that sits between body and mind. 

What underpins all the training is the ethos of hard work. Gong means to achieve a specific quality of skill via hardworking practice. With this regular practice you will grow fitter and stronger. You will develop greater flexibility and strength. A deeper vitality and a calm mind. You may also learn to laugh and smile a lot more too. Qi Gong is hard work but it’s also loads of fun. You really do need a sense of humour to progress and curiously the training can help you find this again if yours has fallen by the way a little.For those looking to start the only restrictions we apply is you must be over the age of 18 to train. Please contact us for details on times, location and prices for our Qi Gong classes.