Welcome to London Ip Man Wing Chun Brixton branch. The school is close to the heart of Brixton on Talma Road.

We run a beginner course at set times through the year. The beginner course consists of four lessons run across four consecutive weeks.  Classes are every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. In this time you will be guided through the basics of Wing Chun, learning the key hand movements for striking and defence and the foundation footwork of the system. By the end of the beginners course you’ll be well positioned to continue training in the main class.

If you’d like to learn a high calibre of Wing Chun Kung Fu, train to a high level and increase your general health, flexibility and power in a hard working and supportive environment, then please get in touch to find out when our next enrolment is and book your first session with us.

If you’d like to visit the school before signing up this is fine and we’ll be happy to see you but please make an appointment with us first

If you’d like to read some reviews about our school you can find them here

Please fill in the form below to contact us and we’ll send full details of the pricing structure at the Brixton school and answer any other questions you may have: