Wing Chun Beginners’ Course


Welcome to our Wing Chun Kung Fu school. We have classes in Central London and Brixton.

We are currently enrolling new students so please contact us to book your place.

We run a comprehensive beginner syllabus giving you a solid grounding in how to use Wing Chun in a self defence situation. Each lesson is planned out and designed to move you from a complete novice into a competent, confident beginner. If you’d like to continue at the end of the course you can join our Foundation Level Class.

Our Wing Chun is from a strong lineage and is very practical. If you’d like to learn a high calibre Wing Chun Kung Fu and defend yourself, whilst increasing your general health, flexibility and power in a hard working, fun, and supportive environment, then please get in touch to book your first session with us.

We’ll send you full details about pricing structure, location and timings and happily answer any other questions.