We provide well structured and fun-filled Wing Chun taster sessions for corporate away days. Your team will learn skills developed over hundreds of years by Kung Fu masters past and present.

Working in pairs, we change partners regularly through the session, which keeps the energy up and allows everyone to get hands on with pretty much everyone else in the room at some point during the session. The aim is for everyone to leave having built real, functional self-defence skill whilst having a lot of fun. 

Due to the nature of Chinese martial arts, Wing Chun includes mind and body training, which goes much deeper than simply learning to kick and punch. Of course, everyone in attendance learns how to defend themselves against common attacks but they are also given skills to increase mental focus, whilst calming the mind and de-stressing the body. These are practices that can be carried into everyday life, outside of the street fighting skills Wing Chun is famous for.  

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“I’ve taken my team on so many of these kind of days out over the years and I can safely say this has been one of the best we’ve ever been on.” Chris Jackson – CEO, MetaBroadcast